Thank you for your patronage and interest in wanting to know about the history of our restaurant.

Mr. Barbecue was founded in 1962, by Andy and Nick Carros along with Tom Gallos. Our outstanding food got even better in 1965 when Joe Pope and Leo Miller, renown NC Pitmasters, joined the Mr. BBQ family and shared their famous recipes.  Recipes that are so special and award winning that we use them to this day!

Mr. Barbecue remains a family business, with Jimmy Carros, the son of Nick Carros, taking  the reins. Jimmy is as passionate about serving world-class barbecue as his father and uncle before him!

Here at Mr. Barbecue, we offer you our very best in service and value.

We use only the finest Hickory wood in our barbecue pits, along with our special recipes developed over 50 years to create an experience that you’ll never forget!

We slow-cook our pork to perfection and make every item from scratch.

We know you'll be able to taste the difference.

From our hushpuppies and banana pudding to our amazing sweet tea, everything is custom prepared the day you order it.  

Come by and visit us today!

Located at 1381 Peters Creek Parkway.  While you’re here join thousands of other people in taking a quick selfie in front of one North Carolina’s most notable trademarks, our iconic and historic Mr. Barbeque sign.

In a time when things come and go in the blink of an eye, we have stood the test of time for 60 years thanks to your support!

Only the good Lord knows what the future holds

But one thing we can guarantee is our unbridled commitment to generational recipes, good food at a fair price, family, community, and decency. Why?

Because in an ever-changing world… some things should not.